• Curated Wearable Art by Laura Beaton

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About Laura's Curated Wearable Art

As an artist, I've seen first hand the cost of social distancing, lock downs, and the evaporation of all in-person art exhibitions and shows; cancellations reaching into 2022.

Transitioning into virtual arts shows has been a wonderful option and it has lent itself to an evolution of my art.

These days, any event outside of my home is a major event. I want some semblance of normalcy. While face masks are de rigeur, I felt drab and uncoordinated wearing your average face covering.

I decided to create something elegant with my art that would elevate a little black dress, or add some fun and spark to any casual outfit.

I've created a line of silk scarves, of all shapes and sizes, with matching double-knit face coverings. Imagine, entering a room feeling 'finished' with your complete ensemble. Something that says, 'I've arrived'.

Laura Beaton Fine Art