Dancing Skies #3 - Double Knit Face Covering

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This face mask is lightweight, double knit polyester, with precision cut edges to replace ties and elastics,. It is an economical and comfortable option.

See the matching silks scarves (long and square), Each sold separately.

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Title: Dancing Skies #3* 
Medium: Chinese Ink on Rice Paper

Status: Permanent Collection, Liaoning Province, China, The Gallery Zhongren Museum, Beizhen

I am a visual fine artist whose art is a fusion of Chinese Brush Painting and North American acrylics to create works that are representative of the differences and commonalities between cultures.

By invitation, In 2018 I exhibited my art in China. As part of those exhibitions I created a series titled Dancing Skies. ‘Dancing Skies #3’ represents the sheer wonder of the aurora borealis and Canadian vastness of the north.

This painting will be in Permanent Collection in Liaoning Province, China, The Gallery Zhongren Museum, Beizhen for 202 years! This art piece is available as an acrylic print. Visit Laura Beaton's fine art web site to enquire.

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