Artist's Statement

Laura Beaton

I am Canadian, internationally recognized, and award winning visual fine artist who specializes in the centuries-old technique of Chinese Brush Painting as well as mixed media.

I paint in a fusion of styles and mediums to create my paintings in acrylics, mixed media and Chinese Brush Painting. My methods of constructing the art are just as vital as the creativity required to paint with purpose.

Before I paint, I develop ideas, which often percolate in my mind. The way to describe my process, as anyone who has ever shopped for groceries may relate to, is this: When I walk throughout a grocery store with the idea of cooking a ‘masterpiece’, I look for a single ingredient for inspiration. I then build a menu around that single ingredient and plate it as if in a restaurant.


For my art, that lone ingredient could be a spark of an idea, or something that I’ve seen or heard. It could be anything that has ‘touched’ me. Then I start creating my art in the same way as I would create a dinner menu, ‘plating it’ for a gallery. This is the flavour of my art.

My intent is to provide that ‘aha’ moment for a viewer. My works have been called ethereal, soothing, surreal and mysterious. Visit me at